3 Simple Ways to Remove Ads from Terabox Without Upgrading

Terabox mod apk with no ads

TeraBox offers 1024 GB of free cloud storage. To get this massive storage space, you won’t have to pay any money, but you will need to contend with frequent advertisements within their app.

These ads can be annoying, often interrupting you with full-screen ad videos that cannot be skipped for at least 30 seconds.

Since TeraBox mainly relies on advertising revenue to offer 1 TB of free storage space, the ethical way to remove ads from TeraBox is to buy their premium plan which starts from $3.49/month. You can check the details of Terabox’s premium plans on the Terabox Official Website.

Removing Ads from Terabox Without Upgrading to Premium Plan

If you want to get rid of ads without Upgrading to TeraBox Premium Plan, here are three possible methods:

  • Install a TeraBox Mod APK: Modified APKs can remove ads, but proceed with caution as they may come with security risks.
  • Use Private DNS: A reliable ad-blocking DNS provider can significantly reduce or eliminate ads in certain apps.
  • Use an Ad-blocking Browser: An ad-blocking browser can be a reliable option for using TeraBox without ads in Apple devices, or for those who don’t want the other options.

Let’s get into the details of each one.

1. Remove Ads by Installing TeraBox Mod APK

Installing a Terabox mod APK is a quick and free option to remove ads from the Terabox app.

Terabox mod apk screenshot
Terabox mod with no Ads

TeraBox Mod APKs are custom versions of TeraBox modified by third-party developers to unlock premium features without paying. However, using modded Android apps carries significant security risks, especially if downloaded from untrustworthy sources. Additionally, Terabox could ban your account for using a mod.

If you understand the risks and still want to use a modded app, you may find it on the Terabox Mod APK download page. While we cannot guarantee the safety of any mod, we’ve tested the mods available on teramod.com and found them free of malware and viruses.

For complete details on the mod, specifications, comparisons, and installation instructions, please visit the Terabox Mod APK homepage

2. Block Ads by Using Private DNS

Another commonly used but less effective method to remove ads from Terabox is to use a Private DNS. This feature, found on Android 9 and above, lets you choose a specific DNS provider rather than relying on your ISP’s default servers. (Find out more about What is Android private DNS?)

When you set your Private DNS to an ad-blocking service, their servers recognize domains associated with advertisements. When a website or app attempts to load content from an ad-related domain, the ad-blocking DNS server blocks it, preventing the ad from appearing on your device.

However, it’s important to note that this method may not block all ads. Some ads may still slip through. Additionally, choose a reputable ad-blocking DNS provider, as some free options may collect your data.

Private DNS Search
Private DNS Configuration

How to Setup Private DNS in Android?

  1. Go to your mobile settings and search for ‘Private DNS’.
  2. Select ‘Private DNS provider hostname’.
  3. Type the address of a reliable ad-blocking DNS provider. For example for Adguard DNS, type dns.adguard.com and save.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy an ads-free experience in Terabox and other apps.

3. Browse TeraBox in an Ad-Blocking Browser

The last method to use Terabox without ads is to use an ad-blocking browser on your mobile device. This is a good solution if you prefer not to set up a private DNS or install a modified APK.

Ad-blocking browsers work by filtering out ads, often through a built-in secure DNS or VPN (Virtual Private Network). This provides a more secure and ad-free browsing experience, and it can also work on iOS devices.

Ads blocked screenshot
Secure DNS in ad-blocking browser

However, it’s important to note that this method only blocks ads within the specific browser you’re using. The Terabox app itself will still display ads.


If you’re willing to pay, the premium plan is the most ethical and safest choice to remove ads from Terabox. However, if you’re looking for alternatives, the three options are use of Modded APKs, Private DNS, or and Ad-blocking Browser.

Before considering any of the free options, understand that they could compromise your device’s security and the privacy of your data. Providers of modded APKs or free ad-blocking services may have their own motives that could harm you as a user. If you value your security and peace of mind, the small monthly cost of TeraBox Premium may be the most sensible choice.

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