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Last Updated

March 23, 2024

Operating System

win 7/8/10/11

TeraBox For PC Features

TeraBox for PC offers the following features on your laptop or desktop computer:

  • Free 1024 GB of secure cloud storage to backup and share your videos, photos, and other important files.
  • Dedicated folder for effortlessly transfer files into your cloud storage.
  • Automatic synchronization to keep files and folders consistently up-to-date across devices.
  • Automatic backup option for worry-free data protection.
  • Quick upload of multiple selected files by easy drag-and-drop option.
  • Floating window for convenient access to TeraBox while working on other tasks.
  • Customizable download/upload speeds to control bandwidth usage based on your needs.
  • Proxy settings support to maintain flexibility for specific network configurations.
  • Sleep option after downloads/uploads to automatically putting your computer to sleep when tasks are finished.
  • Bubble popups and sound prompts to get notifications for completed downloads and uploads.

TeraBox Installation Requirements

Terabox thoughtfully designed its PC application to be compatible with a wide range of systems. This means even users with older computers can enjoy Terabox’s features. Below are the minimum system requirements for TeraBox installation:

Minimum System Requirements

While the minimum specifications will allow you to run the TeraBox PC application. However, for the best user experience and smooth functionality, we recommend installing TeraBox on computers with the following specifications:

Recommended System Requirements

TeraBox For PC Installation Guide

For a seamless installation of the Terabox on your computer, follow our step-by-step guide.

Ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements for installation of TeraBox for PC. Additionally, always back up your data before installing any computer application to prevent potential data loss.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-1

Open Chrome or any other browser on your computer. Type “” in the address bar and open the Terabox mod apk site.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-2

Once the site is loaded, click on the “TeraBox for PC” in the main menu . You will be navigated to the download page for the latest version of the TeraBox for PC.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-3

Click on the Download Now button. The browser will prompt you to select the download location. Select the download location and save the executable file in your computer.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-4

Locate the downloaded file, and open it to begin the installation. Wait for the installer to start.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-5

Select the installation location, accept the terms and conditions, and click on Quick Installation button to start installation.

Terabox for PC Installation Step-6

Once the installation is finished, open the TeraBox app. You will be prompted to log in. Enter your account information to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Terabox for PC? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to unlock premium features for free in the official TeraBox for PC application. This Windows software is designed primarily for file sharing and backup.

To access premium features, you would need to purchase a subscription. However, if you’re looking for a way to use premium features without paying, you can download TeraBox Mod APK for your Android device.

It’s worth noting that there are potential security risks of downloading modified APKs from untrusted sources. Also, using mod APKs to bypass subscriptions can be considered unethical and might violate the service’s terms of use.

Although Terabox offers a generous 1TB (1024 GB) of free cloud storage space, free users have limitations of a maximum file size of 4 GB and a limit of 500 uploaded files.

However, premium users enjoy increased benefits with 2TB (2048 GB) of storage space, a file size limit of 20 GB, and the ability to upload up to 50,000 files.

We apologize for the inconvenience! There might be a temporary issue with the external download server. In the meantime, please visit the official Terabox download page to get the installation file directly.

Additionally, please report the broken link through our ‘Contact Us‘ page. This will help us fix the issue quickly.

Unfortunately, you cannot directly install the TeraBox for PC file on an Apple device.

PC software files (.exe format) are designed for Windows operating systems. Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) use different operating systems and file formats.

You can install Terabox for Mac directly from the Apple’s app store.

Terabox operates as a legitimate cloud storage service, and many user reviews praise its functionality and ease of use. You can check our TeraBox Security Review to find out more information.

However, it’s best to avoid storing highly sensitive or confidential information on Terabox, as with any cloud storage application, there are inherent security risks to consider.